The Product I Want Is Sold Out. When Will It Be Back In Stock?

On the product page of any sold-out item you may see a button that says "Get a Back In Stock Alert". Enter your email when prompted and you'll get notified automatically by email as soon as it's back in stock.

If we happen to know when we'll have the item back in stock, we'll share that on the product page.

Please try to avoid e-mailing us and saying things like "I know you said you didn't have an ETA, but do you have even a rough idea when it will be back?" The reality is that we often truly don't and we'd tell you if we did!

Why? The way our supply chain works, we often don't know exactly what items and what quantities we're receiving in our regular product deliveries until it arrives. With so many handmade items in our product line, our artisans and manufacturers are constantly producing and we're constantly restocking as quickly as we can!

Please note the following for Back In Stock alerts:

  1. We sometimes restock our items in small quantities - inventory can occasionally turn up in the warehouse in small numbers, or sometimes we get a shipment of inventory that only has a few of a certain item. That means our popular items can sometimes sell out again very quickly after a restock. If you get a Back In Stock email alert, don't wait too long or the item may be gone again!
  2. If an item is already sold out again by the time you get to the site, you have to sign up for the Back In Stock Alert again. The system is only designed to notify you once it's back in stock, regardless of whether you purchase the item or not, and we never want to keep sending you e-mails unnecessarily. So if you're still interested in an item, make sure you add another alert anytime you've received a Back In Stock e-mail but never got around to purchasing the item.

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